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Queen Mother Imakhu's

New Prayer Ritual Book

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Queen Mother Imakhu's compilation album of her music, songs, stories, and spoken word from the last twenty years. Purchase here.

Queen Mother Imakhu's COWRIE CARDS Affirmation & Meditation Oracle. Originally created in 2005, she revamped the deck in 2019 with a new look and feel, and includes a 6x9 inch booklet with descriptions and instructions. Purchase here.

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Queen Mother Imakhu's exclusive deck based on her research of the Futhark rune systems and preexisting Nile Valley hieroglyphs. This deck is sold only by special request to priesthood/ministerial/adept querents level. 

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Subscribe monthly to the 14 Kau of Ra (14 Spirits of the Life Force) daily yogic practice taught exclusively by Queen Mother Imakhu for energetic enhancement, personal magnetism, internal organ support, and increased life success. Increase your personal power today.

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From Queen Mother Imakhu's private collection. A rare original painting by African American artist Andrew Turner. His works are in the private collections of Woody Allen, Bill & Camille Cosby, Prince, the late Dr. Maya Angelou, Jill Scott. $50,000 (Fifty-Thousand dollars). For inquiries to add this piece to your collection, contact AKERU MultiMedia. 646-228-1185 Or purchase at PayPal button below. Call to confirm purchase and delivery details.

SEKHMET Painting

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 Queen Mother Imakhu's 2010 painting "SEKHMET." This image is a watermarked photo of the actual painting. The 23" x 15" painting is an outsider art piece, created on silver ironing board fabric with acrylic paint, incorporating Queen Mother Imakhu's actual hand prints. A contemporary, one-of-a-kind rendering of Sekhmet, warrior goddess of purification.  Part of Queen Mother Imakhu's "I Heart My African Art" series. $5,000. To further appreciate in value with time. Purchase at PayPal button below. Call 646-228-1185 to confirm purchase and delivery details.